Somehow Jim Norton Had the Most Reasonable Take on the Bud Light Controversy

Unlike Kid Rock’s shots, Jim Norton’s tweet on the outrage perfectly hit the mark
Somehow Jim Norton Had the Most Reasonable Take on the Bud Light Controversy

Someone at the corporate cemetery needs to clear a grave plot next to Nike and Gillette — the conservatives are coming for Anheuser-Busch.

After successfully destroying the late megacorporations with the snappy slogan, “Go woke, go broke,” the right-wing outrage machine has set its sights on another unlikely target — as we speak, conservative politicians, pundits and celebrities are clearing out liquor stores across the country of all of their Bud Light in order to film themselves pouring the offending beer down the drain, tossing it in the trash, or, in Kid Rock’s case, wildly spraying assault rifle shots in its general direction.

The reason the right turned on one of their favorite mass-produced, bottom-shelf beers is simple — Bud Light printed a can with a transgender person’s face on it. Dylan Mulvaney is a popular trans actress, comedian, and social media personality who recently partnered with Bud Light to celebrate the 365th day of her transition as documented in her “Days of Girlhood” series on TikTok. D-list celebrities marked the same occasion by wasting about $15 on ammo to destroy $5 of beer.

Stand-up comic and radio star Jim Norton had a simple take on the matter that’s more refreshing than a cold, crisp Bud Light that’s being poured down Kevin Sorbo’s drain.

Norton’s tweet puts the completely inane outrage into perspective — conservatives creating non-issues to distract their base from actual problems is a tale as old as tan suits. The pearl-clutching condemnations of Bud-Light as “anti-Christian” and hilariously braindead declarations of “I’ve always preferred Busch Light anyways” show how little thought they’ve put into their values — in case it somehow needs saying, Anheuser-Busch also owns Busch Light. We can only pray Remington does a similar trans-aligned campaign and these yo-yo's spray bullets at their own guns.

It’s not that long until Pride Month, the annual tradition in which Bud Light and other brands will break out the rainbows and draw the ire of the left as liberals label them insincere allies with colorful cans. Meanwhile, the internet outrage machine will continue to leave actual, important issues unaddressed as real people suffer in silence while we all argue about beer commercials.

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