Bear selling is a thing now. Apparently, some people think it's funny to go into the woods, shoot a bear, and then sell the carcass to the highest bidder. This grotesque practice needs to stop. Not only does it put bears at risk, but it also undermines the efforts of wildlife conservationists. These animals are already struggling to survive in an ever-growing human world; we should be doing everything we can to protect them, not putting a price on their heads. If you see someone selling bear parts, report them to the authorities. Together, we can put an end to this cruel and senseless trade.

Has anyone ever told you that you could make a fortune selling beer? Well, these folks decided to give it a try – with hilarious results. From the guy who sold cases of Budweiser out of the back of his truck to the woman who peddled Yuengling from her porch, check out these funny people who sold beer as a side hustle. You won't believe what some of them did to make a buck!

COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM Rodney Dangerfield found a beer he could respect. Were beer commercials the side hustle or was it the stand-up comedy? Dangerfield appeared in more than 20 TV commercials for Miller Lite. Rodney shot ads in some tough bars, let me tell you. This place is so tough, the hat check girl's name is Dominick.

COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM Cedric the Entertainer ruins dates with Bud Light. The joke must have been that Cedric the Entertainer wasn't the smooth ladies man that he imagined himself to be. But his spots only served to convince us that Bud Light is the beer for destroying romance.

Bud Light

COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM Bob and Doug McKenzie say Good Day to beer. MOL MOLS ON Good day and welcome to our beer commercial. After playing with a Molson neon sign, the brothers let everyone know they're doing the commercials in exchange for free beer. Several free beers. Beauty, eh?


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