13 Hall of Fame Jokes from Chris Redd

On stage, on screen, on whatever, the ‘SNL’ star’s got jokes
13 Hall of Fame Jokes from Chris Redd

Chicago’s Chris Redd is a comedic dynamo as a stand-up, an improviser and overall performer. Since 2006, he’s been entertaining audiences either on stage or on their television, joining the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2017. Not one to be shoehorned, Redd has also spread his comedic wings by acting, like with his breakthrough performance in the criminally underrated Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping.

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Which is why we’re proudly inducting the following Redd jokes and moments into our Comedy Hall of Fame ...

When He Found Out His Uncle Was Addicted to Crack

“My uncle was a crackhead, and we didn’t even know it at first. We just thought he was a fun dude.”

As Dank on ‘Disjointed’

Redd portrayed a ganja enthusiast alongside Betsy Sodaro as Dank and Dabby on Netflix’s Disjointed, a workplace sitcom situated in a weed dispensary in a series that takes standard sitcom tropes from the 2000s and applies them to stoner humor.

On Working with Eddie Murphy on ‘Saturday Night Live’

On What’s Really Important On ‘Saturday Night Live’

“All this talk about the debt ceiling and climate change, but nobody talks about the fact that nobody in here knows one person who drives or operates a blimp.”

On Why He Likes L.A. Weather

“I realized I love this weather when I went home recently and was watching a football game with some of my homies, and I realized that there’s no manly way to ask for a blanket.”

As Hunter the Hungry on ‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’

On the First Year of a Relationship

“The first year, you just play pretend, you do cute shit, everything’s cute, you do cute stuff like hold each other all night. That’s some fake-ass shit; no real couple does that garbage. And if you’re with somebody past a year and they’re still holding you all night, you’re dating a serial killer.”

‘The Fresh Prince’

Redd starred in an SNL sketch that was an alternative plot to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme. Even with the changes, that version would have made it to at least five seasons.

On Growing Up With Two Parents

“I was raised around a lot of kids who had broken homes, and they used to be like, ‘Yo, I had to raise myself because I had no dad, dog, so I had to grow up and take care of my siblings. Chris, you’re fucking lucky, you’re blessed, you don’t know shit about that struggle, you got two parents, boy, you’re spoiled, you don’t know nothing about that.’ And I’m like, that’s fair. Because I have to acknowledge the other side. But I’m like, you don’t know what it’s like to be yelled at for the same thing twice!”

On Black History Month

Redd went on Weekend Update to discuss the issues he had with Black History Month in 2020, hoping for another month to try again.

Mr. H

In this SNL sketch, he plays a troubled kid who is being courted by his mentor teacher, like in a movie, but not how you’d typically expect.

Fighting in Chicago

Redd went on Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening to talk about how he was a terrible “gangsta” and terrible in a fight and how his “Adam’s apple checked out” after getting punched in the throat.

Captain Shadow and the Cardinal

On SNL, Kevin Hart and Redd did their own take on another pair of caped crusaders — namely, how they’d be treated by the cops if they were Black.

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