13 Eric Andre Jokes for the Comedy Hall of Fame

Andre doesn’t just walk the comedic line of awkward and absurd, he does cartwheels on it
13 Eric Andre Jokes for the Comedy Hall of Fame

If there was a sketch about a man throwing a pie into the face of another man, Eric Andre would demand to play the role of the pie. When it comes to comedy, Andre’s D&D alignment would somehow be chaotic chaos. Whether it’s stand-up, an appearance on a sitcom or just another leap into the madness that is The Eric Andre Show, Andre takes risks that usually lead to hilarious results for our benefit. This is up to and including being foolish enough to try to tase the un-taserable Johnny Knoxville

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And so, enjoy some of Andre’s funniest — and sometimes most painful — moments and jokes we’ve collected for the Comedy Hall of Fame...

On His Heritage

“I’m Blewish — Black and Jewish! My dad looks like Arthur Ashe, and my mom looks like Howard Stern.”

On ‘Manswers’

When He Challenged Conan O’Brien’s Monologue Skills

On Conan, Andre critiqued O’Brien’s monologue technique and showed him how it was done. He may not have killed, but someone in the audience did.

The Most High He’s Ever Been

For his Netflix comedy special, Legalize Everything, Andre shared with the audience the time he took too much MDMA with his friend and tried to throw up during a bad trip.

When He Beat Up Santa Claus

His 40th Birthday Party

To celebrate turning 40, Andre threw an insane bash that had 3,000 partygoers enjoying a ball pit, a wrestling ring, a naked guy with sushi on him, Andre doing a concert, a room dedicated to just making noise and much, much more. He also let The Howard Stern Show get an inside look at the madness.

Making Lauren Conrad Walk Out

During a fake vomit bit on The Eric Andre Show, Andre freaked out the reality TV star so much she beelined to the backstage area.

As Luci on ‘Disenchantment’

The Netflix fantasy comedy benefits heavily from Andre’s Luci, the personal demon of Princess Bean.

On NBA All-Star Bob Cousy

“I was watching this documentary on the NBA, and they’re interviewing Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. But they would cut to Bob Cousy, who was like this All-Star basketball player but back in like nineteen-dickety-six. And now he’s just this shriveled-up old white guy, and it kept throwing me off because all of his stories about basketball were completely irrelevant. He was like, ‘Yeah, I remember back when you were able to bring your own sandwiches to the games.’”

Showing Off the Suburbs on ‘Man Seeking Woman’

Andre played Mike throughout the underrated series and, in one episode, displayed the awaiting horrors of domestic life.

When He Tried to Buy a Car

He just doesn’t trust like that.

When He Didn’t Get the Job at Froot Loops

Andre got on a subway and became a human bowl of fruity cereal. What else do you need?

When He Got Arrested for a City Council Prank

As a bit for The Eric Andre Show, Andre disrupted a city council meeting in Rancho Cucamonga, California, which got him arrested and sent to jail. He got the footage and told the whole story on Conan. Totally worth it.

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