5 Of The Best Dungeons and Dragons Shows On the Internet

It's like a bag of holding but for D&D shows.
5 Of The Best Dungeons and Dragons Shows On the Internet

Dungeons and Dragons is a mighty cultural force these days. When fans of the world’s most famous role playing game aren’t going on epic theatre-of-the-mind adventures with their buddies, they’re consuming that sweet sweet D&D content. If you can’t get enough of dungeon diving, big laughs, and epic drama then these shows will not disappoint. Drink deeply traveler, this well is brimming…with content.


From the brilliant mind of Julia LaPetit, it’s Drawtectives. This is a truly unique take on Dungeons and Dragons. The talented artists at Drawfee have a long running online show where they take audience suggestions and draw them. It’s always hilarious and endlessly fun. So when they adapted that format to a mystery solving arc of D&D it was an instant hit. 

Critical Role


If you’re a D&D fan and a Twitch fan, you’ve probably heard of these guys. A group of voice over actors started this show years ago and it’s only grown and grown. Critical Role became so popular on Twitch that when they ran a Kickstarter to fund a fan service short, they wound up raising over 11 million dollars and getting an animated series with Amazon. DM Matt Mercer always delivers a good time.



Some of the funniest comedy performers joined forces to make this wildly popular podcast and gave it a title that tells it like it is: Not Another D&D Podcast. Featuring Dungeon Master Brian Murphy, Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner, this is a do not miss pod if you’re looking for some D&D to take with you on your IRL adventures.

The Rotating Heroes Podcast


This pod is from the same studio as NADDPOD, but with a twist. DM’d by comedian Zac Oyama, this podcast features a rotating cast of characters. Each arc features a different group of talent going on absolutely bananas D&D adventures. There’s always something new to titillate your adventuring sensibilities. 

Dimension 20


Brennan Lee Mulligan

DM or beautiful mermaid? You decide.

The best D&D show in the world. Not for nothing it’s one of the rare shows featuring a truly diverse cast. Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan leads the cast (of which there is a lot of overlap from some of these other shows) in the main adventure set at a fantasy high school. Spin-off seasons feature new cast members set in totally new worlds. Perhaps you’d like some D&D amongst the stars or perhaps a murder mystery featuring an animal detective? Check out Dimension 20 on the Dropout streaming service.

In all honesty, I know a lot of the folks on this list. But before I had met them in person and found out that they were genuinely nice people, I was a fan of their content. Sweet, yummy, combat driven content.


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