15 Jokes About Siblings for the Comedy Hall of Fame

Siblings can be your best friend friend, worst enemy or everything in-between, and that is inherently funny
15 Jokes About Siblings for the Comedy Hall of Fame

Growing up with a sibling is both common and unique at the same time. While you’re typically raised in the same household, the two or more of you end up being best friends, worst enemies or apathetic roommates. When you grow up into adulthood, you’re suddenly left to continue such relationships or realize that your sibling is an asshole, an insane person or an insane asshole of a person. Once again, by choosing to use a stage instead of a therapist’s office, comedians are well aware of how to mine their experiences with their siblings to create high levels of hilarity.

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As such, we’ve collected some of Hall of Fame comedy bits regarding that weird yet sacred sibling bond...

Key & Peele Get into Sibling Rivalry

Taylor Tomlinson’s Crowd Work Takes a Twin Turn

In the midst of her set, Tomlinson chatted it up with a couple married for 46 years and immediately halted to a stop after discovering that he dated his wife’s twin sister first… for A YEAR. And that’s just the first insane thing.

Jo Koy’s Parenting Was Inspired By His Sisters

After Koy had a son, he learned how to raise him based on how his sisters behaved as he grew up. Especially when both of them left the nest at age 18 and never returned home.

‘Saturday Night Live’s Brothers

SNL showed off how young middle-school brothers behave in front of company with the volume up turned to 11.

Josh Blue Got Bullied by His Sisters

Blue got into detail about how his older sisters tricked him into being scared because he still didn’t get his period. In fact, he’s still waiting.

Sarah Silverman’s Sister Hates This Joke

In her Netflix special Sarah Silverman: Speck of Dust, Silverman tells a true story about her sister Jodyne’s drunken night

Steve Simeone Loves His Brothers (Even If They Attempted to Kill One Another Over Video Games)

Simeone tells a story about how his big brother kept abusing him and his siblings as he schooled them on the Atari video game system — until his little brother was about to beat him one day, leading to all hell breaking loose.

John Witherspoon’s Neverending Sibling Rivalry

Witherspoon discusses how his older sister kept on him regarding her heavily religious beliefs, to the point that she sang gospel songs while in line at McDonald’s.

Rachel Fairburn Hates Her Sister

“I got a sister; she’s six years younger than me which makes her… (does math in her head) the favorite. We’re very different, and how can I describe her to you? She’s a… (thinks of a description) she’s a piece of shit.”

The Lucas Brothers Got Fired from the Same Job at the Same Time

Comedian twins, The Lucas Brothers, got on stage to share the frustration of answering twin questions and trying to live out their lives without getting their twinness thrown back at them.

Bart and Lisa Encounter Lester and Eliza

The typical Simpsons sibling duo is taken aback when another set of Springfield sibs become the praised brother and sister heroes.

Joey Bag o’ Donuts

Mike Birbiglia tells stories about his brother Joe in his various albums and one-man shows, but sometimes he wishes he was actually the brother of Joey Bag o’ Donuts.

Louie Anderson’s Brother, the Safe-Cracker

On Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening, Anderson talks about his brother, who was the first famous Anderson in his family. Well, more infamous than famous, given that his brother was a criminal and led to the FBI coming to his family’s doorstep.

Dennis and Dee Going on Welfare

The twins on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia don’t always get along but are the best when they both support each other’s narcissistic, delusional goals and schemes, such as when the two of them attempt to use the welfare system as a springboard toward their higher goals.

The Sklar Brothers Roast Off

Stand-up comedians Randy and Jason Sklar have been a successful twin comedy duo for the last 30 years with loads of great bits, but it culminated with the two of them going head-to-head and joke-to-joke in a roast battle.

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