Couple Who Met at Dunkin' Donuts Just Got Married -- At The Dunkin' Donuts Drive Through

Here comes the bride -- and the donuts.
Couple Who Met at Dunkin' Donuts Just Got Married -- At The Dunkin' Donuts Drive Through

Well, readers, I'm pleased to inform you that despite popular misconceptions, love is not dead -- it's alive and well, just stopping for a coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. Earlier this week, Sugar Good, the very appropriately-named manager of a Dunkin' location in Oklahoma married her partner of two years, John Thompson, at the drive-through where they first met, taking coffee-shop meet-cute stories to the next national franchise-y level. 

The couple met around 2017, when Goode first handed Johnson his medium hot coffee and sausage egg and cheese through the drive-through window, according to The New York Times. They saw each other every weekday morning at 7:15 before Goode made the first move, passing her business card along with his breakfast, a pleasant surprise to Johnson, who had been trying to deduce her name for some time. 

"When I started going through the drive-through, I noticed she would smile with her eyes, and I thought, maybe if I read the receipt I can see what her name is," Thompson told The New York Times. "But it said 'Sugar No. 7.'" Like most of us who aren't living in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, he says he assumed this was a reference to how she took her coffee, completely unaware that she shared a name with the popular drink accouterment

The duo, who were both respectively divorced, went on their first date in 2018, where they got to know each other -- beyond their breakfast order. "The funny thing is, we were comfortable with each other from the beginning because we had gotten used to talking to each other every day," Johnson recalled of first falling in love with his spouse. 

After a whirlwind romance, the couple got engaged in April, with Johnson popping the question in the restaurant's parking lot. "We knew we wanted to share it with the Dunkin' family," Good said of their wedding planning. 

The couple finally tied the knot a few months later on October 13, in what could easily be described as a sweet affair. Ditching a traditional white gown for the hottest new bridal look, her Dunkin' uniform, the couple said "I do" on both sides of the drive-through window once reserved for the groom's coffee order, swapping celebratory champagne with a cup of coffee. How cute. 

Cheers to the happy couple -- may your marriage be as sweet as a glazed Dunkin' Donut.  

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