The Instagram Account Dedicated to Larry David Fan Art

The Instagram Account Dedicated to Larry David Fan Art

When we think about the subjects of fan art, the usual suspects are typically Marvel superheroes, drag queens or characters in YA fantasy novels. Which is to say, most of us probably aren’t thinking about the market for Larry David fan art. But the folks over at Butts in the Seats Productions aren’t most people. 

Curated by writer and producer Steve Matoren, The Big Bald Art Show and subsequent Instagram account @larryfuckingdavid is an online exhibit that “celebrates everyone’s favorite bald Social Assassin,” and features “paintings, portraits, photographs and other artifacts that colorfully capture” the Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator. Whether you’re looking for Larry David carved into a pumpkin or drawn in the style of a Boardwalk caricature, there’s something for everyone. 

And if you’re thinking about constructing a Larry David portrait out of unconventional materials, let this be proof that it’s a pretty, pretty, pretty good idea. 

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