These Are the 10 Most Awful Fan-Made Movie Posters

One Twitter account keeps track of the most heinously humorous fan-made movie art for both real and fictional films
These Are the 10 Most Awful Fan-Made Movie Posters

The art of creating a movie poster is a delicate one that isn’t always done deftly, even by the professionals. Capturing the spirit and aesthetic of a feature film is a unique challenge that, when tackled correctly, leads to the purchasing of thousands of prints that will adorn the dorm room walls of film majors across the globe. But sometimes posters are poorly composed, misleading or downright disastrous.

Fortunately, some fans have taken terrible poster-making into their own hands to create their own disasters — the Twitter account Awful Fan-Made Movie Posters hosts the most heinous and hilarious attempts by fans to fulfill their own artistic wishes as they create terrible movie posters for both existing films and for even more terrible movie pitches. 

Here are our 10 favorite fan posters for both real and fake films to burn out any cinephiles eyeballs…

An Earnest Attempt

An Unlikely Reboot

A Cursed Recasting

A Surprising Sequel

Uh… Squidward

A Situation

A Ladder

A Rebirth

An Improvement

A Masterpiece

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