Larry David Told Bill Hader That ‘Barry’ Should Have A ‘Seinfeld’ Ending

A pretty, pretty good way to end ‘Barry’?
Larry David Told Bill Hader That ‘Barry’ Should Have A ‘Seinfeld’ Ending

Seinfeld’s final episode — the one where all your favorite cast members go to jail — elicits a lot of mixed opinions (IMDB users either hated it or thought it was perfection). So that makes Larry David’s advice to Bill Hader a little curious. “Hey, that jail thing didn’t exactly work for Elaine and Kramer, but it would be perfect for Barry!”

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On Monday’s episode of the Conan Needs A Friend podcast, Hader reveals that he told his writers’ room at the beginning of the show’s third season that “Barry needs to get caught, so I think we’re writing toward that.” And sure enough, thanks to the clever manipulations of Gene Cousineau, that’s where things concluded at the end of that season.

Then Hader ran into Larry David, the comic mastermind who copiloted Seinfeld. “I watched Barry!” he enthused. “That’s it, right?”

“No,” responded Hader. “We have a whole new season.”

David was incredulous. “Why?” Hader explained that they still had more story to tell but David wasn’t buying it. “But it’s done!”

Could it be because this is how David naturally ends TV series, with the main characters spending the rest of their miserable lives in the pokey? “Jail means it’s over!” shouts Conan in his best Larry David voice. 

“Jail! Over! Done!” spouts Hader, doing his own David impersonation. “It’s like Monopoly!”

Of course, jail doesn't appear to be the end for Barry or Barry. While Hader isn't sure others find it funny, he thought it was hysterical when the fourth season opened with the newly jailed Barry phoned Henry Winkler’s Cousineau with a childlike question: “Did you trick me?” Barry is like Homer Simpson, concludes Hader, a character who just keeps getting dumber as the seasons go on. 

As for Larry David, we may have some insight into how he might end Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry sulking in solitary confinement? Yeah, we can see it. Cue the music.

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