Adam Sandler Is Switching Sports from Basketball to UFC

Adam Sandler Is Switching Sports from Basketball to UFC

Thirty years from now, the world will look back on Adam Sandler’s Ultimate Fighting phase the same way we currently view Michael Jordan’s baseball stint.

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The reigning king of critically acclaimed basketball-adjacent dramedies is reportedly branching out into a new athletic endeavor. Yesterday, UFC President Dana White announced an upcoming collaboration with The Sandman during The Pat McAfee Show, promising a workplace comedy series about the pencil-pushers of Ultimate Fighting. White wouldn’t reveal details about the project beyond the central pitch, telling his hosts that his company is “working on a show right now with Adam Sandler that’s a comedy about working in the offices of the UFC.” 

McAfee’s reaction reflected how I imagine every Midwestern household responds to the announcement of literally any Sandler film. “It’s gonna be a hit! Sandman’s involved? It’s gonna be a home run!” said McAfee, adding, “I couldn’t have heard better fucking news than Dana White and Sandman teaming up together! This is a great Wednesday!”

UFC previously cooperated with Sandler and his production company Happy Madison by allowing its name and licensing rights to be used in the Kevin James-led 2012 comedy Here Comes the Boom, which also featured a cameo from UFC commentator and supplement salesman Joe Rogan

Pertinently, White failed to mention whether Sandler would star in the series or if he would simply produce it through Happy Madison. If he does commit to an on-camera role, the Untitled UFC-Adam Sandler Crossover might become the first TV show to feature Sandler in a part larger than a two-episode cameo since his time Saturday Night Live, and it could possibly be Sandler’s first ever appearance in the main cast of a sitcom.

If Sandler does end up popping his TV comedy cherry for UFC, he’s going to need to have an uncomfortable conversation with Adam Silver about why the NBA wasn’t good enough to be his first.

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