No, Kevin James Is Not Fantasized By Millions In Tennessee

It's actually Wisconsin.
No, Kevin James Is Not Fantasized By Millions In Tennessee

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Bad news for those of us who liked I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry a little too much: Despite a pervasive graphic that's been swirling throughout the Twitterverse alleging that the most popular PornHub search term in the state of Tennessee is comedian Kevin James, I regret to inform you all that the volunteer state is not collectively jerking it to the thought of erm, Paul Blart guarding their mall. 

In yet another instance of all of Twitter proving, it has the object permanence of a toddler, a fake map pretending to be from PornHub's “Year in Review" has found itself trending once again, evidently fooling pretty much everyone who wasn't fooled the first and second time around. Although some of the states on this map boasted fairly plausible metrics – “Threesome” for New York, “MILF” for Illinois, and everyone's favorite porn category “Goth Hospital,” for Oklahoma -- yet another entry found itself the center of several Twitter discussions – Tennessee apparently getting off en masse to The King of Queens himself. 

Yet amid the confusion ..

… and, erm, very candid confessions … 

… which ultimately culminated in the term “Kevin James” trending on the platform …

it seems @SortaBad, who first posted the gloriously cursed map in the CNN-dubbed the “before times” – February 2019 -- found a bit of irony in the situation.

Every few months my fake Pornhub map featuring Kevin James and Goth Hospital goes mega viral and it reminds me that the original tweet got like 350 likes lol,” they wrote alongside the original iteration of their creation.

So Kevin James lovers, although this may be deeply, deeply disappointing news, remember that you're never alone. Rule 34 -- and that one scene from Then King of Queens -- are very, very real. 

Top Image: Shutterstock/Twitter

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