Here We Go Again — Ilana Glazer and Miller Lite Under Attack from Joe Rogan

Rogan ripped the campaign from March for claiming that women can make and/or drink beer with their shirts on
Here We Go Again — Ilana Glazer and Miller Lite Under Attack from Joe Rogan

Walmarts across the country, beware the coming tide — conservatives are currently coal-rolling to your store with the sole purpose of buying out all your Miller Lite so that they can shoot at it with assault rifles in Facebook videos.

Mere weeks after Bud Light ignited the ire of the anti-trans, watery beer-drinking community by partnering with a transgender content creator, Miller is now under fire from those same irate individuals for a strange advertisement they produced that featured Broad City’s Ilana Glazer. The commercial, titled “Bad $#!T To Good $#!T”, was used to launch an unorthodox campaign wherein the brewing company bought back a bunch old Miller Lite advertisements and cardboard cutouts that oversexualized underdressed women from collectors, then turned the untold number of bikini pics into fertilizer in order to grow hops that went to women-owned breweries. The bizarre commercial and campaign begged a handful of reasonable questions, such as, “Why not just fund female brewers directly instead of doing some weird, roundabout free shit giveaway?” and “How many tens of thousands of magazine ads did you need to source just to make a single bag of $15 mulch?” 

The Glazer-led commercial also apparently invited a much larger number of completely insane questions for Miller, such as, “Why are you supporting male genocide?” and, “What makes you think boobs should be illegal?”

Critically, this commercial launched at the beginning of Women’s History Month back in March — the new outrage that has inspired scores of “think” pieces and poorly researched tweets in the last 24 hours arrived months after Miller’s psyop successfully eradicated masculinity from the beer-drinking masses. It’s hard to tell exactly which alt-right outrage peddler first pulled the ad from out of the woodwork this week to enrage their followers, all we know for sure is that they are two months way too late to stop the machinations of the matriarchy.

Naturally, the internet’s demagogues have taken grievous offense to the insinuation that women can be involved in the beer business beyond being bikini-clad eyecatchers — Joe Rogan, unaware of when the ad was aired, compared the campaign to Bud Light’s since backtracked partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, exclaiming, “They don’t learn! No one learns!” Rogan also added, “I’d like to see a pie chart of how many women are actually involved in making beer or drinking beer.”

I don’t have the numbers that would satisfy Rogan’s curiosity, but I can say with certainty that the pie chart of people who are impressed with his consistently uninformed caterwauling is just a circle with the label, “Angry Men Who Flunked Out of Community College.”

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