Not Even Joe Rogan Can Believe the Shit That Comes Out of His Mouth

Not Even Joe Rogan Can Believe the Shit That Comes Out of His Mouth

Apparently, all you have to do to trigger Joe Rogan and “make (him) look like an idiot” is to have him repeat his own words verbatim.

The loudest voice in podcasting has a propensity for making some outlandish statements — like the time Rogan falsely claimed that a school installed a litter box to accommodate a student who identified as a furry. But sometimes, even the man who fashions himself as a champion of free speech and rational thought has a hard time stomaching the stupid things he says.

Actor, writer and comedian Dave Anthony recently opened up about his experience working with Rogan on the sitcom Maron. Anthony revealed that Rogan left the gig after reading the part he was supposed to play and coming to the conclusion that the lines would paint him out to be an ignorant asshole. There’s just one problem — all of Rogan’s lines were just copy/pasted comments from his own interviews.

Rogan has always made it a point to caveat his own statements by calling himself a “moron” or a “dumbass,” but someone with a platform the size of Rogan’s vast media empire probably shouldn’t be that upset over reading his own words, no matter how “idiotic” they may be. The MMA commentator and Ivermectin ingester has a generally clean track record of admitting his own mistakes — he even walked back the litter box comment — but he’s rarely had to confront his own confusing statements on any platform other than his safe space at The Joe Rogan Experience

Anthony’s last tweet refers to Rogan’s recent defense of his friend and frequent guest Elon Musk against the entirely reasonable and evidence-based assertion that the Twitter CEO has turned into a conservative mouthpiece. In spite of the fact that Musk directly instructed his Twitter followers to vote for Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections, Rogan railed against those who call his friend a “right-winger,” on a recent episode of JRE, saying, “How? What are you saying? What examples do you have? Like, they don’t have an example. They just have this narrative that reached them as a signal. Like, ‘Elon bad now.’”

Now we want Saturday Night Live to give Rogan the Sarah Palin treatment and write a sketch where they simply repeat the things he says on his podcast word-for-word — with Rogan playing himself.

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