Height Challenged Kevin Hart Says ‘Hell No!’ to Leg-Lengthening Surgery

Height Challenged Kevin Hart Says ‘Hell No!’ to Leg-Lengthening Surgery

Kevin Hart will not undergo a dangerous, taxing and wholly unnecessary surgery to raise his distinctly diminutive stature to an average height. In other news, Larry David won’t receive hair plugs and Mr. Bean will pass on speech therapy.

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On Tuesday, Hart spoke to controversial internet celebrity and semi-professional boxer Logan Paul on the IMPAULSIVE podcast, and the 5’2” Jumanji star commented on the recent trend of men seeking leg-lengthening surgeries that slowly and painfully raise their heights by up to four inches. In a post-Tinder  world, the operation, which starts at $75,000, is rarely covered by insurance and leads to at least four months of limited mobility and severe pain, is a startlingly popular procedure for short men who just want to know how the weather is up there.

When Paul asked Hart about his thoughts on the surgery, the short stand-up superstar gave a very unambiguous “What the fuck is going on?” in response.

“At some point we gotta hold the right people accountable, and it’s the doctors,” Hart said of the trendy surgery, “It’s the stupidest shit ever!” Hart cringed at the thought of a licensed surgeon advocating for their patient to voluntarily wreck their own skeletal system just to add a couple inches to their Hinge profile. Hart scolded his fellow five-foot-nothings for thinking that they could pull the procedure off smoothly, saying, “Nobody’s going to think you got a growth spurt! You clearly got the work done!” Hart exclaimed, “This is what I’m saying, people are losing their fucking minds!” 

Hart then took a gentler tone as he directly addressed the insecure short men who are attracted to the operation, saying, “I’m not going to tell anybody what to do with your lives. It’s your life! … Live it however the fuck you want. Do with it what you may.” However, Hart is disheartened at how much external validation has played into the self-esteem issues that lead men to this dangerous operation, explaining, “I really hope and pray that this thing of ‘acceptance’ and looking for it from others calms a bit, and we’re not looking for acceptance from people you don’t fucking know and people who don’t have value to you.”

“I never wanted to be tall,” Hart admitted, before sharing a surprising revelation, “I thought I was tall before I got around tall people! My crew was all the same size (as me), and I thought, ‘This is good! We killing it!’ Then I got around tall people, and I was like, ‘Oh shit, this is different. The NBA ain’t happening.’”

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