13 of Nicolas Cage’s Funniest Interview Moments

This man truly is America’s national treasure
13 of Nicolas Cage’s Funniest Interview Moments

Despite descending from an illustrious bloodline that’s racked up a total of 23 Oscar nominations and contributing two noms and a win himself, Nicolas Cage has somehow managed to amass most of his notoriety from being the exact right amount of silly and goofy. No stranger to the quirk since his breakthrough in 1987’s Moonstruck, he’s sustained this cult status as everyone’s favorite lovable weirdo, in part, by providing the most hilariously off-kilter responses to some very basic interview questions. 

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Most recently, Cage sat down with Stephen Colbert to promote Renfield, and when asked to recall his earliest memory, he shared that it was “in utero feeling like I could see like faces in the dark or something. I know that sounds powerfully abstract, but that somehow seems like maybe it happened.” 

It’s an answer so compelling that even Colbert buys it:

Here are 12 other interview responses that prove why Nicolas Cage truly is America’s national treasure…

The time he informed Jimmy Kimmell that he was stalked by not just one but two mimes:


The time he did a front handspring into his interview with Terry Wogan and threw cash at the audience:


The time he told Lee Cowan he pitched eating a cockroach on set to establish himself:

The time he confirmed to Renee Bargh that his home was invaded by a naked man eating a Fudgesicle:

The time he explained to David Letterman how he did mushrooms with his cat:

The time he shared with Conan O’Brien that he donned a disguise and fake identity to prevent his childhood bullies from stealing his Twinkies:

The time he asked Craig Ferguson to help him capture a chupacabra:

The time he explained that he pulled out his baby teeth to connect to a role:

The time he told Terry Christian he made fried grasshopper and egg salad sandwiches for a picnic:

The time he almost took Dick Cavett out with his kung-fu skills:

The time he admitted to Kelly Clarkson that he has a crush on Miss Piggy:

The time he vowed to never work out again because everyone assumed his abs in Ghost Rider were CGI generated:

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