It’s Jack Black v. Elon Musk in Blue Checkmark Cage Match

Black vows to fight this ‘weird injustice!’
It’s Jack Black v. Elon Musk in Blue Checkmark Cage Match

While the two titans of media didn’t actually jump into the ring during last weekend’s Wrestlemania events, comic Jack Black still brought the heat to Twitter chief Elon Musk, vowing to call Musk’s “bluff” over paying for a blue checkmark. Blackmania is running wild, brother! 

I’m a little embarrassed by the blue check, to be honest with you,” Black told Variety over the weekend, using the premiere of The Super Mario Bros. Movie as a cover for venting his Twitter rage. “Maybe it’s cooler not to have checks. It’s definitely not cool to pay for it. I’m gonna see what happens if I don’t pay for it. I’m gonna call his bluff, see if he really takes my check away.”

And if Musk pulls the privilege? “Then I’m going to hold a big press conference to bring attention to this weird injustice,” Black “joked,” no doubt trying to goad Musk into a brawl to end them all.

Black isn’t the only funny guy refusing to stick eight bucks into Musk’s pocket on the monthly. Patton Oswalt sounds like he’s ready to tag-team with Black:

As for Black’s Super Mario Bros. co-star Seth Rogen? He’s on the No Twitter Blue squad, with no intention of paying up. “I almost never use it,” he says. It’s true — Rogen has only tweeted twice in 2023. If we were only promoting weed-themed Airbnb bullshit, we wouldn’t cough up for it either.

Late-night comedy writer Mike Drucker weighed in on the impending loss of his checkmark. “Thank you for doing this,” he tweeted at Musk. “I’m not even being sarcastic. Some users on Twitter were starting to confuse me for the type of person who’d pay $8 a month to feel special. It was embarrassing.” (Good news for tweeters like Drucker — Musk and company are reportedly considering a feature that would allow Twitter Blue subscribers to hide the checkmark shame. Brilliant.) 

Musk has yet to fire back, focusing on a heel turn that involves removing checkmarks from notorious media scammers like The New York Times

As for Black, he retains the belt … er, the blue. But for how long? 


There's still a checkmark hiding in those whiskers.

Your move, Elon. Time to launch yourself off the top rope and settle this once and for all. 

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