Seth Rogen Was So High at the Golden Globes He Thought Bryan Cranston Was Drew Barrymore

Seth Rogen Was So High at the Golden Globes He Thought Bryan Cranston Was Drew Barrymore

This just in: Seth Rogen likes to get cloudy with a chance of munchies.

That newsflash was delivered last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as the host relayed to Bryan Cranston a story in which America’s Favorite Stoner was high AF at a Golden Globes ceremony a few years back. While Rogen didn’t really know Cranston well at the time, Seth’s glassy-eyed demeanor was enough for the Malcolm in the Middle star to pull him aside and ask if he was OK.

(OK? Seth was freaking great!)

Cranston indeed remembered the incident. In fact, there were two hints that made him believe Rogen was perhaps a teensy bit out of his gourd.  Hint #1: Seth “wasn’t laughing or talking to anyone” at an event designed for celebrities to rub their famous elbows. Instead, he was up against the wall flashing a Joker-esque grin.

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Hint #2 that something was off with Rogen: “I think,” confided Cranston, “he thought I was Drew Barrymore.”  I guess we can see it?

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Rogen was back at the Globes earlier this week. Kimmel and Cranston conducted a Zapruder-style examination of The Fabelmans award footage, concluding that the salmon-suited, jaw-grinding, lip-licking comic actor was again sampling his own wares

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“That was a trip to the parking lot,” confirmed Cranston, nothing that someone trying to present themselves as very serious and together is a sure sign of extreme inebriation. “He was baked!”  

Cranston, despite partnering with Aaron Paul on their own celebrity brand of mezcal, claimed to have never been publicly intoxicated or high himself. We’re guessing his tongue was firmly in cheek since Kimmel immediately followed up Cranston’s sober claim with footage of the actor lolling his inebriated skull at an Adele concert. 

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Stars. They’re just as wasted as us.

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