18 Booze and Weed Brands Owned By Celebrities

Now we can smoke and/or drink our favorite celebs.
18 Booze and Weed Brands Owned By Celebrities

What do you do to relax? Chances are (if you’re an adult), you take a comfy seat on the couch, have a sip of a cocktail, take a pull of a vape pen, and check out whatever movies or shows are on TV. It’s as American as taking a sip of a beer, taking a puff of a blunt, and watching baseball on TV.

So you’re sitting and watching a celebrity or actor on your TV, then you come to realize that their face is on the can of your drink or in that store-bought edible you nibbled on. Not only is the celebrity responsible for your entertainment, but they’re also responsible for your current lack of sobriety. Celebrities aren’t just making PG products, but are also the faces or benefactors for booze, beer, blunts, and edibles.

Here are some of the brands of alcohol and marijuana products that got a celebrity seal of approval.

Nick Offerman

Celebrity-Owned Booze and Weed حسين - LAGAVULIN OFFERMAN ULIN EDITION SINGLE MALT ITION by Nick Offerman As Ron Swanson loves this brand of whisky, Offerman appeared in ads for Lagavulin distillery before the two teamed up to develop a line of Scotch. CRACKED.COM

Source: Forbes

Snoop Dogg

Celebrity-Owned Booze and Weed LEAFS BY LEAFS by Snoop Dogg The Doggfather might as well be the Santa Claus of pot, so it's natural for him to have his own line of products, including eight different strains of marijuana. CRACKED.COM

Source: Mic

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