‘We’re All Trying to Find the Guy Who Did This’: Tim Robinson Has a Cameo in ‘Scream 6’

The ‘I Think You Should Leave Star’ should take the threat of Ghostface more seriously than he takes ghost tours
‘We’re All Trying to Find the Guy Who Did This’: Tim Robinson Has a Cameo in ‘Scream 6’

We just have one question for Scream VI directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett: Do any of these Ghostfaces ever pop out of the f—ing wall and say, “F—, there’s a horsecock in my room, or a donkeydick?”

I Think You Should Leave fans who saw the sixth installment of the subversive horror franchise on its opening weekend may have caught a sneak cameo from a familiar figure if their ears were finely tuned — bizarro comedy superstar Tim Robinson has a single-line voice role in the film. In an early scene, one of our lead heroines Quinn (Liana Liberato) is heard having embarrassingly loud sex in her college apartment by Sam (Melissa Barrera), and, upon leaving her love nest, Quinn is questioned by Sam about who is in her bed that day. Sam asks Quinn if her lover is a certain unseen character named Glen, prompting Robinson’s off-screen protestation of “Who’s Glen?”

The filmmakers confirmed to The Wrap that Robinson is that loud lover, saying, “(Robinson) is Quinn’s off-camera boyfriend.” Quinn found a good one — though she should be warned that her boyfriend used to be a piece of shit.

Its too bad that the makers of Scream VI couldnt muster a larger role for Robinson — the Scream franchise has historically had room for some more comedic elements, but perhaps they thought the Saturday Night Live alumnus would be disruptive in a more featured role. Though we would have loved to see Robinson play a murder victim, we would have settled for a shot of him at one of the featured murderees funerals — so as long as the bereaved family secures the casket. You wouldnt want the body to come flying out and end up on Coffin Flop.

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