Ricky Gervais’ Contract Rider Shows What Superstardom Tastes Like

Ricky Gervais’ Contract Rider Shows What Superstardom Tastes Like

When you’re a world-famous comedy superstar, you don’t have to buy your own heartburn medication.

Earlier this week, U.K. firebrand Ricky Gervais gave us a glimpse of the good life ahead of a stand-up performance as part of his Armageddon tour — the controversial contrarian posted a picture of his bounty of contractually guaranteed goodies that each and every venue hosting him has to have in his dressing room. In Roman days, emperors dined on fine fruits, wines and nuts while lounging on litters, and Gervais’ star treatment is no different. 

Feast your eyes on the cornucopia that a comedian’s contract rider can demand and despair. We plebeians can only dream of such opulence.

A quick Google search shows that the screw-top Trivento wine runs for about 10 bucks at the average American supermarket, but the promoter of this show clearly felt that no expense was too steep to book Gervais. In total, this host splurged on dozens of dollar’s worth of offerings for their guest of honor, which should serve as an inspiration for aspiring comedians who hope to one day reach such regal heights.

Rumor has it that the same venue also tried to book Jimmy Carr, but the gallon of milk and bottle of ibuprofen he demanded nearly put them out of business.

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