Being rich and famous affords you a lot of luxuries. One of these is being able to demand whatever the hell you want - no matter how crazy and obnoxious it makes you look. Did we ever tell you about the time Harry Connick Jr. ordered a 400 lb lobster filled with the velvet slippers of dead men? No? Well technically that’s because it technically didn’t happen.

The thing is, there’s enough examples that are plenty real, but still unbelievable. For example, we bet you didn’t know about the insane hoops Queen’s opening acts used to have to jump through, or the ‘man sized kleenex’ that one particularly presumptuous artist requested. The moral of this story is that if you can help it, you should try to win the genetic lottery and be born with absolutely unstoppable talent, because everyone loves a winner.

We asked our readers to do some digging and unveil some of the crazier (and more hilarious) demands celebrities have made. The winner is below, but first the runners-up:

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CRACKEDG COM EDBYTHE BELL alum -Dustin Diamond requires a zany amount of beverages at his appearances. His room must have 4 bottles of water, 4 Red Bu

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CRAGKEDCOM Carrot Top makes sure someone is reading his rider by requesting a specific picture be painted or drawn with crayons. He says the best draw

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CRACKED co While embroiled in a sexual assault controversy, it seems Bill Cosby was none too pleased with certain hometown newspapers in 2005. Cosby's


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