Even Larry the Cable Guy Is Roasting Marjorie Taylor Greene

And some of his red-state fans don't appreciate the joke.
Even Larry the Cable Guy Is Roasting Marjorie Taylor Greene

Late-night comics had a field day this week with Marjorie Taylor Greene, poking fun at her Cruella de Vil catcalling at the State of the Union address.  

And sure, you’d expect the lefty likes of Chelsea Handler and Seth Meyers to sharpen their comedy knives and get to skewering. But you know you’re in trouble, MTG, when notoriously conservative comic Larry the Cable Guy piles on.

Boom! But America’s favorite cable installer wasn’t quite prepared for the backlash from his red-state fans. Soon after his tweet, Larry got himself a healthy dose of this …

And he wasn’t having it. The sleeveless comic quickly pointed out that he didn’t vote for Biden! Larry was the guy who said Hilary Clinton would be “the end of this country,” in case you don’t remember what side of the fence he whizzes on. Geez Louise, people, it was just a joke!  “Lighten up some of you sheesh,” he tweeted. “Some of you def don’t follow me or you’d think twice on your dumb comments.”

This wasn’t about politics, you idiots! It was about women who have the nerve to break up with comedians. And people on both sides of the aisle know what loud-mouthed, unforgiving messes they are, right, Larry? Go ahead, say your dumb catchphrase because we're not gonna.

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