Far Right Comedians Claim That One of Their Own Broke Up Marjorie Taylor Greene's Marriage

Streamer Baked Alaska alleges that MTG cheated on her ex-husband with a popular alt-right troll.
Far Right Comedians Claim That One of Their Own Broke Up Marjorie Taylor Greene's Marriage

The lines between comedian, congressperson, and internet troll are decidedly blurry the further you venture down the rabbit hole of alt-right conspiracy jockeys. The world of ultra-conservative mouthpieces runs on rumors, outrage and wild, baseless accusations, so it comes as no surprise that the former frontwoman of the conservative conspiracy community, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has become the target of rampant speculation following her recent denouncement of white supremacist, Holocaust-denier and Kanye West campaign manager Nick Fuentes.

Earlier today, alt-right comedian, prankster and insurrectionist Tim Gionet, better known by the moniker Baked Alaska, leveled an accusation on his live-stream against Taylor Greene regarding her recent divorce. Gionet claimed to have received “inside intel” from a “credible source” which alleges that Taylor Greene cheated on her ex-husband with popular alt-right troll Alex Stein, thereby tanking her marriage and leading to her disavowing of Fuentes in an attempt to draw attention away from the scandal.

It’s like a soap opera where everyone’s super racist.

As the far-right fractures following a disastrous dinner between former president Donald Trump, aspiring president Ye (formerly Kanye West) and Ye's recent political ally Fuentes, Gionet has found himself among the list of those fringe fascists whose allegiance is starting to be seen as more of a liability than an asset among far-right politicians. 

Gionet, a popular provocateur of the alt-right, infamously live-streamed from inside former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's office during the January 6 Capitol attack. Gionet was arrested for participating in the attack, and his live-stream was used by the FBI to identify other insurrectionists. This past July, Gionet pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of parading, demonstrating or picketing inside a Capitol building, a charge which carries a maximum sentence of six month in prison – his sentencing hearing is scheduled for Jan. 12, 2023. 

Earlier today, Gionet attacked Taylor Greene for distancing herself from figures like Fuentes and Gionet on a live-stream before claiming that he “just received a text message” from someone “pretty high up there” which alleged the affair between Taylor Greene and Stein, a popular troll and Tucker Carlson guest. Gionet told his legion of followers, “Alex Stein, allegedly, hooked up with Marjorie Taylor Greene while she was married and f---ed up her marriage, and she's a wh---, basically.” 

Gionet blamed the alleged infidelity for Taylor Greene's decision to distance herself from Fuentes – the congresswoman said that the Christian nationalist's views have “no place in the Republican Party” following his dinner with Trump, despite the fact that Taylor Greene spoke at an event hosted by Fuentes earlier this year. 

Posts and pictures possibly showing a close relationship between Taylor Greene and Stein are being disseminated as angry alt-right advocates and amused non-fascists alike seek to fan the flame of scandal during a tumultuous time for the extremist faction of the GOP. A typically vocal Stein has not yet commented on the rumor, nor has the congresswoman, but the story may soon become impossible to ignore as Gionet bangs the drama drum to his sizeable following. Of course, everything that Gionet, Fuentes and Stein do in service of their own fame is done under the guise of “trolling” or “satire,” so its unlikely that anyone involved will ever be compelled to provide tangible evidence to support their claims – if Gionet's story becomes the dominant narrative in the alt-right community, it will be because he was the loudest, most provocative and most entertaining voice in the conversation.

Which means the rest of us should find some popcorn ASAP.

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