‘South Park’ Teases New Kanye Jokes Ahead of Wednesday’s Premiere

‘South Park’ Teases New Kanye Jokes Ahead of Wednesday’s Premiere

After the most tumultuous year of cultural icon and anti-Semitic mouthpiece Kanye West’s career, Trey Parker and Matt Stone will step up to remind the music magnate that, no matter how much scorn, derision and mockery has been hurled at him since he declared he was going “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE,” no one will ever parody him as well as their team at South Park.

In a teaser preview for South Park’s Season 26 premiere, which will air tomorrow evening on Comedy Central, Parker and Stone poked fun at the decidedly unfunny conspiracy theories promoted by the asshole artist now known as Ye. The episode, titled “Cupid Ye,” will feature side characters Clyde and Scott as they try to pitch Kyle on a movie idea — because, ya know, all Jewish people control all of Hollywood, right?

The way the 15-second clip addresses Ye’s anti-Semitism is appropriately subtle, so the jokes will probably go over the rapper’s head considering how deeply it’s lodged in his own ass. 

South Park has a history of refusing to shy away from sensitive subjects — in fact, it would be more fair to say that Parker and Stone prefer to sprint head first directly at whichever social issue will make audiences the most squeamish. The ugly saga of A-list celebrities coming out to promote crackpot anti-Semitic conspiracy theories fizzled out of headlines without much of a satisfying conclusion for those who think that Ye and his idiot Nazi friends got off easy for spreading hate on such huge platforms, and the South Park premiere is shaping up to be some belated comedic karmic justice.

A topic as absurd as Ye’s awful racist beliefs is amazing fodder for a show that often has to walk a fine line on nuanced issues — no reasonable person thinks that Ye’s opinions on Jewish people are anything short of brainless, so tomorrow’s South Park episode should basically just be Parker and Stone shooting gay fish in a barrel.

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