South Park has always been known for pushing boundaries with its crude humor, but some of the insults went too far. In the episode "The Redskins Story," Stan refers to Chef as a "nigger". This is not only offensive but inaccurate because Chef is black, not Native American. In another episode, Cartman calls Kyle a "dirty Jew," which is also anti-Semitic. These slurs are hurtful and should not have been included in the show.

South Park is an American animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show is set in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado, and lampoons a wide range of topics. On December 3, 2014, the show's eighteenth season began airing on Comedy Central. As expected, the new episodes contain their fair share of insults aimed at various individuals and groups. In this article, Cracked will provide a sampling of some of the most recent insults South Park has directed at its viewers. Spoiler alert: many of these are vulgar and offensive. Bear that in mind before reading any further. You have been warned!

COMEDY NERD GRACKED.COM CHRISTOPHER REEVE A R RES RC SOUTH D PARK BIOH iTER S T In the episode Krazy Kripples, Christopher Reeve advocates stem cell research for the handicapped. Не portrays this by cracking open the bodies of aborted fetuses and sucking out the juice. Which goes farther, snapping an aborted fetus' neck or naming the episode Krazy Kripples?

Source: South Park

COMEDY NERD GRACKED.COM CHEF'S DEATH EPISODE SOUTH PARK When Isaac Hayes, the voice actor for Chef, left the show due to their views on Scientology and his belonging to the Church of Scientology, the show used old voice clips to make an episode where Chef becomes a child molester and is brutally killed after being brainwashed by a similar group. A little petty, a little using his voice without permission, a little distasteful.

Source: CBR

COMEDY NERD GRACKED.COM BRTINEY SPEARS SHOOTS HERSELF SEOTCO I'm with stupid SOUTH PARK A commentary on how the media treats young celebrities, this episode leads to Britney Spears shooting herself in the head, surviving, and still being harassed by paparazzi. Hindsight is 20/20 on all of the comedies former Britney ridicule, and while it's not a bad commentary on the subject, the worst thing you can probably do to someone who is having a mental break due to media scrutiny, is make an entire episode about her.

Source: South Park

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