What the Heck Was Sharon Stone Doing on ‘SNL’ Last Night?

Sam Smith brought a visual aid, and it was a doozy
What the Heck Was Sharon Stone Doing on ‘SNL’ Last Night?

Sam Smith pulled out all the stops on Saturday Night Live last night, including this stunner: Sharon Stone vamping it up during a performance of their new song “Gloria.”

Like a model in a figure-drawing class, Stone mostly just poses, holding a single position for the song’s first two minutes before slinking into what art teachers call Pose #2. It’s enough to make a collective audience say, “What the hell am I watching?” Stone, for her part, isn’t saying much about the appearance, other than letting us know she had a blast. 

After sitting out the show’s first hour, Stone wasn’t quite done after the Smith performance either. In the final sketch of the night, Aubrey Plaza and James Austin Johnson worked their way through a pedestrian film noir send-up, jolted toward the end by real-life femme fatale Stone expressing her weakness for private dicks with big noses.

Stone, who previously hosted the show in 1992 to promote Basic Instinct, got an homage to the movie’s iconic image from Plaza before going into the night’s goodbyes. 

Broadway Video

The leg cross that launched a thousand ships.

And as the host thanked the night’s many guests (an eclectic group that included former Pawnee coworker Amy Poehler, skateboarder Tony Hawk and the Property Brothers), she gave a Wayne-and-Garth-style “we’re not worthy” bow to the queen.  

Whatever the hell they were, Stone’s cameos were definitely fun. Can we suggest a return hosting gig next? 

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