15 of Tony Hawk’s Funniest Moments on Twitter

Okay, a couple of them are from Instagram, too
15 of Tony Hawk’s Funniest Moments on Twitter

If you don’t follow Tony Hawk on Twitter or Instagram, you’re missing out on something really special, because his posts are always the perfect palate cleanser. He gives back to his fans, offering hope and encouragement, and yet, the biggest running gag throughout his feed is how so many people still don’t recognize him in public. 

So, to show our appreciation for the greatest skateboarder of all time just being a humble lower-case god among men, here are 15 moments from Hawk’s social media accounts we’d like to induct into the Hall of Fame…

Being Humbled at the Drive-Thru

The 2020 Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo was the first games to feature skateboarding as an official sport, and while Hawk wasn’t competing, he still christened the skate park they built for the games.

Going as Larry David for Halloween

Serving Up Hot Crow in First Class

Twitter Treasure Hunt

Not long after Hawk joined Twitter in 2009, he decided to leave one of his skateboards by the side of the road and tweet out its location to his followers, telling them to go get it. By the time he got to his office 10 minutes later, he found that his notifications were blowing up, with word that one lucky fan had found the deck while others were still showing up late to the party to try to look for it. From that lightbulb moment, Hawk expanded the idea and organized worldwide scavenger hunts for loot boxes containing all sorts of swag, including a skateboard that wasn’t just signed by Hawk, but one he actually used. The hunt became an annual tradition until it ended in 2015. Hawk, however, still leaves one of his used decks behind from time to time and asks his Twitter fans in the area to go find it. 

Offering Private Lessons

Then there’s this sweet moment of Hawk giving Patton Oswalt’s daughter Alice some pointers:

He F--king Skated in the White House!

The Most Kindhearted ‘In Your Face’ Ever

Look, If You Have to Ask, Just Assume It’s Actually Him

Monkey Business

It’s just a shame Hawk didn’t post a video. We wanted to see that monkey shred.

A Meme Comes Full Circle

Back in 2018, Twitter user @silenthooper shared the Wesley Snipes crying meme with the caption, “When the race war is happening and I gotta kill Tony Hawk.” Being the good sport that he is, Hawk replied with, “I appreciate the hesitation, though.” The original tweet has long since been deleted, but thanks to screengrabs, it will live on forever.

Three and a half years later, the joke paid off again when Hawk posted a picture of himself at the Oscars telling Snipes all about the viral moment with the caption, “I was spared. Life is good.”

Even He’s Starting to Doubt His Own Existence

We Will Not Abide This Gleaming the Cube Erasure

Believing in Fairy Tales

Act one: 

Act two: 

Act three:

Finally, Someone Recognizes Him!

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