The Five Best Comedies on Disney+ to Watch Right Now

Throw this Disney company a bone, won’t you?
The Five Best Comedies on Disney+ to Watch Right Now

While its primary function may be to hypnotize children for 90 minutes at a time with the flickering colors of Cars 2 allowing parents to down a few glasses of 100-proof grown-up juice in the kitchen, it turns out that Disney+ also has some great comedies that in no way involve tow trucks voiced by Larry the Cable Guy

Because Disney has made a lot of movies and TV shows in the past century — and also because they routinely buy up intellectual properties the way a drunk teenager buys garbage food in a 7-Eleven at 3 a.m. — sifting through this vast library of content can be onerous. Fortunately, we can help; here are five great comedies you can check out right now (if you pay your monthly Mickey tax, that is)...

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Further proving that Wes Andersons soul is made of antique corduroy, his 2009 adaptation of Roald DahlFantastic Mr. Fox is a quaint autumnal childrens fable that also happens to be full of wild action and mature humor. Best use of the word cuss in any major motion picture.

Sister Act

Basically Some Like It Hot, but with Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith and a bunch of nuns, 1992Sister Act is still a lot of fun and full of great music that will almost make you forget all the massive problems with organized religion.

A Goofy Movie

A big screen spin-off of DisneyGoof Troop show really shouldnt have been this good — or this sadA Goofy Movies reputation has only grown over the years, and while its got some amusing set-pieces, its also a story about the inevitable emotional rift that grows between a parent and their child. Its just that the parent, in this case, happens to be close personal friends with a talking duck that refuses to wear pants.

Its the rare movie featuring Pauly Shore that still holds up.

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