The Worst Famous Comedian, According to Reddit

Even fictional comics get a black eye.
The Worst Famous Comedian, According to Reddit

“Who’s the worst famous comedian who became famous?” 

The philosophical question was posed to AskReddit yesterday, and as usual, the online masses … had opinions. With so many subjectively terrible comedians to choose from, it’s not surprising that no consensus was reached. (Good news, Dane Cook – you have lots of defenders!) Several names, however, were nominated for the honor and a few bubbled to the top. 

Carlos Mencia

With his nomination at 15,000 upvotes and counting, Mencia is the leader in the clubhouse. One redditor pointed out that there’s an entire subset of comics whose only good jokes are stolen ones. “Mencia’s face would be on the cover of that folder.” As a number of answers gleefully reminded us, the theft was so egregious that an irate Joe Rogan confronted Mencia onstage. Good times. 

Kenny Bania

For a fictional comic, Bania had an impressive showing here. A 12-minute routine about Ovaltine? Come on, brother.

Amy Schumer

Schumer is the outlier name on the list, primarily because users were expecting their fellow redditors to dunk on her but finding surprisingly few takers. “I’m not exactly a fan,” noted one answer, “but she’s 1000 times better than most of the people named here.”

James Corden

Working Title Films

“Not really that great in Cats?”  Way harsh, Tai.

The Late Late Show host is already showing himself out, but that didn’t stop users from taking Corden to the woodshed, questioning his qualifications as a comedian and labeling him an “obnoxious loudmouth.” And is there any worse criticism than “he’s really not that great in Cats”? Some consensus formed around the idea of Corden being the “male Ellen DeGeneres,” a comparison not intended as a compliment. (Ellen got her share of votes as well.)

Denis Leary

Leary is another comic derided for joke theft, with one user noting that he thought Bill Hicks had “lifted almost word-for-word” Leary’s No Cure for Cancer special. That was until a friend pointed out that Hicks had recorded his jokes two years earlier. Cue the Bill Hicks fans, who rightly point out that Leary got his big stand-up bona fides with someone else’s material.

Larry the Cable Guy

When a user calls you “probably the least funny of the Blue Collar boys,” that ain’t good. Others point out that his act seems to exist as a commercial for “git-r-done” merchandise.

Git-r-done in 15 minutes. 

Jeff Dunham

Racism is the “secret ingredient” cited, though one user sarcastically noted that other redditors simply didn’t understand Dunham’s subtle brand of humor. “Jose, for example, he's a jalapeno.... on a steeeeek. Get it?”

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