The Tragic Tale of What Happened To Goofy's Wife

Disney loves killing off parents ...
The Tragic Tale of What Happened To Goofy's Wife

At the risk of making us all think about Goofy having sex, the beloved '90s cartoon Goof Troop gave Disney's famously graceless canine a son, Max. Bizarrely, though, we never find out what happened to Max's mother. Early Goofy cartoons often included the presence of his wife -- although, bizarrely, she was both nameless and her face was typically obscured, Maris Crane-style.

So what happened to this mysterious character? Well, theories range from speculating that she ran off with the milkman who she was secretly having an affair with (really) or, more realistically, "she is probably dead." Even more depressingly, one piece of evidence suggests that it may have been Goofy himself who was responsible for her untimely demise. In an early Goof Troop production document, it was mentioned that Goofy "lost the missus" when she fell into the Grand Canyon after he asked her to "step back a little further" for a photograph.

Interestingly, in the feature film A Goofy Movie, Goofy and Max's road trip takes them to the Grand Canyon, where their car plummets into the gorge.

This scene is also the movie's emotional apex, leading to the feuding father and son's reconciliation. But it really takes on a whole extra layer of significance if this is also the location where Max's mother fell to her death. Of course, it's more likely that this is just a total coincidence, and we're putting way too much stock in the creative process that went into creating A Goofy Movie. There are also subtle suggestions throughout the show that Goofy's parents are also dead, as is his unnamed sibling -- although no one has suggested that these deaths were also the result of Goofy's humorous, yet lethal, clumsiness ... But ...

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