We Remade Avatar 2 For $20 (VIDEO)

Eat your heart out, James Cameron.
We Remade Avatar 2 For $20 (VIDEO)

Let's see what James Cameron could do with Avatar: The Way Of Water on just a $20 budget. Because here's what WE did! 

Directed & Shot By - Chandler Perry  

Jake Swing as Jake Sully 
Minnie Majors as Neytiri 
Noelle Peterson as Kiri 
Joey Cathey as Australian / James Cameron 
Trip Rumble as Handsome Squidward / Blue Man 
Chris Korkalo as Colonel Quaritch 
Andrew Harrison as Na'vi / Mech Suit Guy 
Jessa Gaul as Na'vi Chief 
Sean Cathey as Na'vi 
Jordan Breeding as Na'vi 
Nathan Banister as Na'vi 

Special Thanks to Johnny Turner, Larry Renas, Tricia Cathey, and Bob Cathey

Watch more of Chandler's incredible work here.

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