Movies for $20

Movies are expensive to make, and they're even slightly less expensive to watch. Here at Cracked, we don't have the trillion-dollar budgets a studio like Disney or Troma might have to throw at productions. And we assume our audience doesn't have the $20 plus parking plus popcorn plus soda plus babysitter money it takes to go to the movie theatre. And we certainly assume that none of you have the cash for a monthly Netflix subscription, given that Netflix just raised prices for password sharing. What are we aspiring filmmakers supposed to do? What are you broke movie watchers supposed to do?

Thankfully, the geniuses in our video department came up with an idea: make the movies for $20, then release them for free. Were you an early supporter of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, but wanted an even darker Batman? Cracked's got you covered. We're not exclusive to DC, either: we do so much MCU we even dipped into the Disney+ Marvel shows. Don't worry, if you've missed/can't afford any pop culture from the last few years, Cracked is here for you:


We Remade LOKI For Only $20 (VIDEO)

Marvel Studio's Loki TV show is pretty great, but watching it requires a freaking Disney+ subscription. So we grabbed $20, a discount Loki and Owen Wilson, and remade it for you. For free. Only on Cracked.

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