We Remade The Matrix Resurrections For $20 (VIDEO)

After all this time.
We Remade The Matrix Resurrections For $20 (VIDEO)

We return to the The Matrix Resurrections with only $20 in our hands. After all this time.

Directed & Shot By - Chandler Perry
Assistant Director - Joey Cathey  @latemorningjoe
Production Manager - Andrew Harrison


Jake Swing - Neo 
Anna Barbay - Trinity 
Janal Floyd - Morpheus 
Minnie Majors - Buggs 
Chandler Perry - The Analyst 
Andrew Harrison - Agent 
Sean Cathey - SWAT Officer 
Delora Lambert - SWAT Officer 
Zach Knight - Mark Zuckerburg 
Joey Cathey - Elevator Guy 
Wes Swing - Bully Maguire

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