We Remade Squid Game For $20 (VIDEO)

We Remade Squid Game For $20 (VIDEO)

Squid Game was amazing, but they could have made it for WAY less.

Directed/Produced By: Chandler Perry 

Jasper Jeon - Gi-Hung 
Sean Sekino - Old Man 
Patrick Koocheradis - Player/Doll 
Hannah Abeel - Player/Guard 
Dillon Stewart - Player/VIP 
Olivia Anjenette - Player 
Karla Espino - Player 
Hannah Canetti - Player 
Britton Stowell - Player 
Jacob Sterle - Player 
Ryan Wimble - VIP 
Manoa Raine - VIP 
Connor Reinhard - VIP 
Chandler Perry - Player

Chandler's YouTube channel is here.

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