The Most Surprisingly Thirsty Moments in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Larry David’s libido remains un-curbed
The Most Surprisingly Thirsty Moments in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

It’s no secret that HBO just loves loading up its programming with mature themes and sexual content. Even that cute little dragon show was full of countless scenes of people doing it. And although it’s a series about an anti-social curmudgeon in his mid-70s, Curb Your Enthusiasm has dipped its toe into a few hornt up plotlines over the years, too. Such as…

Larry Gets A Pubic Hair Stuck in His Throat for Days

After going down on Cheryl, a pube gets lodged in Larry's throat. It not only derails the production of a Martin Scorsese film, but the irritating affliction continues into the next episode, which incidentally is a Christmas one. The hair is finally expelled after a physical altercation with a band of live nativity scene performers — truly a Christmas miracle!

Larry Attempts to Seduce Gina Gershon With A Punctured Bedsheet

For their 10th wedding anniversary, Cheryl’s “present” to Larry is the understanding that he’s allowed to have sex with another woman. He tries to seal the deal multiple times, failing miserably, perhaps coming the closest to cumming with his Hasidic Jewish dry cleaner (Gina Gershon). Larry even procures a sheet with a hole in it, believing that old bogus myth to be true — prompting the response: “What kind of f**king idiot are you?”

While the sheet somehow doesn’t kill the deal, an earthquake ultimately prevents Larry from going through with it.

Larry Gets A Sex Doll Named ‘Sherry’

In Season 10, Larry gets gifted a sex doll by Freddy Funkhouser (Vince Vaughn), not as a joke but as a new, “disease-free” companion. Larry tells Leon (J.B. Smoove) to get rid of it, who instead chooses to blow it up, name it “Sherry” and place it in the living room.


Naturally, Larry’s attempts to deflate Sherry are misconstrued by his housekeeper.  


Larry Gets Turned on By Influenza

It’s easy to forget about this storyline, considering that the same episode features a scene where an exterminator literally stomps a puppy to death…

…but in “The Rat Dog,” Larry gets super-turned on by the fact that Cheryl is laid up in bed with the flu because he likes “sick sex.”



Perhaps not coincidentally, this is also the season when the couple separates.

Larry Orders a Girls Gone Wild Tape

A lusty Larry orders a Girls Gone Wild tape, which he and Jeff decide to watch together in a Bob Crane-style porno party (which thankfully doesn’t end in murder).

This is also the episode where Larry puts on an Everlast condom inside out, completely numbing Cheryl’s vagina. 

‘Porno Gil’s Awkward Dinner Party

Back in the very first season, Larry and Cheryl attend a dinner party thrown by former adult film star “Porno Gil” played by a pre-Breaking Bad Bob Odenkirk. Things get awkward when Gil tells a long anecdote from his filmmaking days that culminates in getting a Tabasco-soaked finger shoved up his ass, and Cheryl insists on leaving.

Larry Tries Dirty-Talking With A Palestinian Restaurateur

In a particularly controversial episode, Larry hooks up with a woman who works in a Palestinian chicken restaurant, who orders him to “F**k me, like Israel f**ked my country!” when they’re in bed.

The two meet up again in the next season; this time, she asks Larry to try dirty-talking, which for some reason, amounts to him yelling out the names of various right-wing celebrities. In retrospect, Larry shouting “Rudy Giuliani!” while in the throes of passion may be the most disturbing moment in the history of recorded media. 

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