15 Kyle Kinane Jokes for the Hall of Fame

‘I don’t understand why the people that play a lottery aren’t more afraid of lightning. Like if you believe in those odds, shouldn’t you? ‘Hey, I’ve got 20 bucks on the Pick 5. Is that a storm? Oh, shit!’’

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The Stories Behind The World's Weirdest Photos (VIDEO)

The Stories Behind The World's Weirdest Photos (VIDEO)

Welcome to Cracked's first game show: PictoFacts! We bring the pictures, comedians bring the facts. This week we're looking at insane patents, absurd fast food promotions, and weirdly connected celebrities. 

Guests: Chris Alan, Elliot Duffy, Darnell Eaton 
Writer/Host: Jesse Eisemann 
Director: Jordan Breeding 
Director of Photography: Dave Brown 
Editor: Bryan Slack 
Sound: Mike Schoen 
Production Assistant: Ruda Yi 
Gaffer: Jake Pulliam 
Art: Shea Strauss 
Score Bear: Jordan Breeding 

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