Billy Crystal Did His Mike Wazowski Voice at Disneyland. A Woman Told Him Her Brother’s Version Was Better

Seems it was about as impressive as ‘Mr. Saturday Night’
Billy Crystal Did His Mike Wazowski Voice at Disneyland. A Woman Told Him Her Brother’s Version Was Better

History loves to repeat itself. A century ago, silent film star Charlie Chaplin entered a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest and placed third. This past Thanksgiving, Billy Crystal, the voice of Monsters, Inc. character Mike Wazowski, was told by a woman wearing a Mike Wazowski sweatshirt and Mike Wazowski beanie that he had the second best Mike Wazowski impression she’d heard.

Crystal went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to promote the Broadway adaptation of his his 1992 directorial debut film Mr. Saturday Night, and the 74-year-old comedy icon shared the story of his family trip to Disneyland during the recent holiday which he believes should be renamed “Eat Your Ass Off.”

Crystal told his colleague in the “Hosting Every F—ing Oscars” business about his family’s Thanksgiving, including events from the weeks leading up to the feast during which Crystal and his wife tried to shed pounds using a diet food delivery service that was constantly beset by raccoons and foxes. Said Crystal of the thieving critters, “They ate all the diet food, but you know what? They looked fantastic.”

On the day of the holiday, Crystal helped himself to a few Moscow mules, cooked up a couple turkeys, then took the extended family to the Happiest Place On Earth following the meal. He said of the trip, “We’re filled with food, and we go to Disneyland where everybody’s filled with food. Oh my god, it’s not a small world after all.”

Fifteen members of the Crystal clan made their way through the crowded amusement park observing the crowds and enjoying the rides before the family ran into a mother and son who were both adorned in Mike Wazowski merchandise “that I don’t have a part of,” complained Crystal. At the urging of the rest of his family, the voice of Wazowski approached his fans and tried to talk to them in character, but was rebuffed by the mother, who said, “That’s good, but my brother does it better.”

Maybe he should have worn the costume.

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