A Whole Village Lost Power So One Guy Could See His Girlfriend

He turned down the power, so he could turn up the romance.
A Whole Village Lost Power So One Guy Could See His Girlfriend

Earlier this year, the village of Ganeshpur in India was experiencing frequent power outages. This alone was not surprising. Indian villages and cities have long had unreliable electricity thanks to a complicated system of coal rights getting assigned corruptly to incompetent companies, resulting in shortages. Plus, Ganeshpur’s outages happened in May, which is northern India's hottest month and the most taxing time for the grid.

Still, outages aren’t as common as they once were, and the villages near Ganeshpur weren’t experiencing these ones. Something weird was going on, so local detectives staked out the town’s electrical facilities to see if someone was tinkering with them.

Someone was. It was the village electrician. And to find out what was really going on, the investigators had to track the guy to see where he went next. 

His next stop: a school, which he’d decided on as a meeting place for him and his girlfriend. He’d been killing the power each night so she could use the darkness to slip out of her home and meet up. News reports don’t say if his girlfriend was a student at this school, so we’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt and hopefully assume she wasn’t. 

“Seriously, dude?” we imagine the investigatory committee asking him. “If you wanted to turn the lights down low, all romantic-like, you could have just tried the nearest light switch instead of hitting the whole town. You’re an electrician, you should know this.” Before he could correct them and dig himself deeper, it was time for his punishment. They shaved his head. However, they also had something far more serious planned: They urged him and his girlfriend to make things official.

The village council and its leader – a position called the sarpanch – attended the couple’s wedding. Marriage is a fate no young couple should be subjected to, but when your village is run on equal parts of frat house and shotgun wedding justice, you kind of just go with it.

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