A Brief Ode to the Scene in ‘Ghostbusters’ Where Dan Akyroyd Has Sex with a Ghost

Kymberly Herrin passed away this week. The Playboy Playmate left a considerable mark on both the real and paranormal worlds
A Brief Ode to the Scene in ‘Ghostbusters’ Where Dan Akyroyd Has Sex with a Ghost

Model and actress Kymberly Herrin passed away peacefully earlier this week in Santa Barbara. During her days in show business, Herrin was a Playboy Playmate, and enjoyed an acting career that included appearances in Romancing the Stone, multiple ZZ Top music videos and a memorable role as the beautiful ghost who has a vague sexual encounter with Dan Aykroyd in Ghostbusters.

Since Herrin’s passing, the internet has been discussing her famous scene in what most people probably incorrectly remember as a family-friendly film during which an attractive apparition, Herrin, appears to Ayrkoyd’s character, Ray Stantz, and, as she evaporates into thin air, she slowly undoes Stantz’ belt right as the camera pans up to the parapsychologist going cross-eyed.

In case people forgot, one of the Ghostbusters did some busting of a different kind with a very special ghost. That’s canon.

Last year, Aykroyd did an interview with Polygon in which the comedy legend was asked about this exact scene. He said, “I remember the woman who played that. Her name was Kym Herrin, and she was a Playboy Playmate. She played the ghost. Like, I wish they’d let that scene go a little longer.”

Aykroyd joked about the scene, “Sexual encounters with spirits are very, very common. And there are some people that I know that have a house that have a presence and they don’t try to purge it. They say, ‘You know what, I’m going to stay with it and I’ll live with it.’”

In other words, not all hauntings are harrowing, per Aykroyd. Some are just horny.

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