The Twitter Account That Gets Serious Laughs Out of Seriously Screwed-Up Food

A three-month-old Twitter account has amassed a huge following off of nothing but pictures of spam-filled cookies and banana peel bacon
The Twitter Account That Gets Serious Laughs Out of Seriously Screwed-Up Food

What is it about pictures of truly disgusting food that is so fascinating, frightening and funny at the same time? 

Over the span of just three months, an aptly named Twitter account called @f—edupfoods has amassed a following of almost half million freaky foodies by only posting pictures of the most vile, upsetting and creatively inedible dishes on the internet. 

A boiled steak cut in the shape of a fish. Black licorice flavored hot dogs. Frozen SpaghettiOs ice cubes. These are just a few of the food abominations that are Frankensteined together for no ostensible reason other than to get a shocked laugh out of the hundreds of thousands of fans that F’ed Up Foods has drawn in during its meteoric rise to the top of the f’ed-up food chain.

I mean, just look at this snickle.


This snickle is sneriously snasty

The account also has a Discord server where loyal F’ed Up Food followers are invited to enter their own submissions and receive accreditation from the account on Twitter, possibly to build their own following for food-based comedy content. Each Twitter post is accompanied by a poll that asks the simple yet controversial question: “Would/Wouldn’t?” While many of the posts draw a unanimous response — the beanana, for instance, holds just a 13.3 percent approval rating, one of the lowest on the page — the discussion in the thread over edibility can get decidedly heated as factions on each side of the aisle engage in GIF wars to decide the fate of the meatwich.

Naturally, like any Twitter account that passes the six-figure follower threshold, F’ed Up Foods also hawks merchandise commemorating its most popular dishes — like this spookie hoodie, the spookie being a spam cookie.


For the record: Would.

The market for messed-up meal content is surprisingly large considering the sheer grossness of the posts. There is somehow an entire subgenre of internet comedy dedicated to the weirdest food combinations imaginable.


Reddit's lazy mozzarella sticks. Also would.

The king of comedically crappy food remains F’ed Up Foods, but the market for such meal pictures will only grow more competitive when posts like “Crab Boiled in Pepsi Max for 2 Hours Served in a Baguette” can top the front page of Reddit at any given moment. It’s hard to tell exactly where the draw for freaky food-based comedy comes from, but whether it’s a nostalgic remembrance of gross-out children’s cartoons or a curiosity for creative cuisine, it’s clear that the purveyors of mango pilk and banana peel bacon have found their audience like a crazy culinary Carrot Top.

Now who’s hungry for dinner?

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