Thanks to the podcast industrial complex giving us endless retrospectives and desperate home cooks wondering exactly how long to toast the ancho chiles for the perfect beef-and-bean soup, we might never run out of new The Office facts to post for posterity. Here are 15 about the show that make us never want to go to its namesake: 

The Show Self-Consciously Leaned In To Internet Fame

They're the same picture

NBCUniversal Television

Watching the first couple of seasons, you have to applaud the series' commitment to the mockumentary bit. Camerawork is erratic, actors look like your layabout cousin finally followed up on some leads from the temp agency, and the “I'd rather chew rusty nails than go to Chili's with my boss” energy is palpable. But realism can only carry a show so far, especially when that documentary crew has been hanging around way longer than needed to get footage. What can you do when you can't be The Bicycle Thieves? Lean into memes. 

Maybe The Michael Scott Paper Company Wasn't Such A Bad Idea

The Michael Scott Paper Company

NBCUniversal Television

It was a stupid idea: Michael, Ryan, and Pam breaking off from their established company to start their own dead-tree-slinging operation. But maybe if Michael had waiting a couple years and really gone nuts with memes and TikToks, he could've gotten in on some of the eight-figure deals being thrown around for his jokes. 

Pam's Painting Of The Office Park Might Become a Relic

Try Googling the show, and you might get a bunch of articles about the commercial real estate crisis that is a byproduct of people trying to stay alive during COVID-19 lockdowns. As more and more people realize that a day on the job is far more pleasant without an hours-long Office Space-style commute. “We're not a workplace, we're a family” was always corporate BS anyway.

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