15 TV Comedy Running Jokes For the Hall Of Fame

15 TV Comedy Running Jokes For the Hall Of Fame

Cracked's Comedy Hall of Fame unveils a new exhibit today, this time with those most quotable of jokes: the running gag. We begin in the land of TV comedies, were even the biggest—nay, hugest—mistakes can be resolved in 22 minutes: 

The Simpsons: “Smithers, Release The Hounds”

An evil rich guy line so cool all the other evil rich guys are cursing ol' Burnsy for getting there first. 

Archer: Phrasing

Archer cast

Wikimedia Commons: jen

Boom! Inappropriate. 

The Office: Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

What line of work you in, Bob?

Family Guy: The Cutaway

Family Guy TV set

Wikimedia Commons: Beao

First it was odd, then it was hilarious, then it was self-aware, then it was overused, then it was a YouTube compilation

Scrubs: Rowdy the Dog

Keeping a taxidermy dog in your apartment is one of the purest forms of goofy fun you can have your best friend. We all agree on that, right? Right?!

The Good Place: Bortles!

Manny Jacinto

Wikimedia Commons: aitchisons

Professional sports team the Jacksonville Jaguars once started a quarterback named Blake Bortles. A perfect fandom for a Florida man. 

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