Great Scott! 22 Running Gags And References In The 'Back To The Future' Trilogy

Great Scott! 22 Running Gags And References In The 'Back To The Future' Trilogy

Let's be honest: you have to have a cold, Biff Tannen-grade heart not to love Back to the Future. The trilogy really has it all: great jokes, timely action and more than a passing nod to enduring love and friendship. And Doc Brown's hair. Let us never forget Doc Brown's hair.

It's also the series that gave us Rick & Morty.

But most importantly, you can just feel the pure joy the filmmakers had making the trilogy. They went the extra mile at every turn, from the writing to the acting to the aesthetics of the film. Yeah, DeLorean, yeah (even if it was a pain).

As such, Writer Bob Gale and director Robert Zemeckis sure didn’t skimp on adding fun little details into the Back to the Future trilogy. From references to previous movies they’ve done together, to clocks they both had as kids, here’s a list of clever stuff and Easter eggs in one of the greatest franchises of all time.

EASTER EGGSTRA REFERENCES AND MEANINGS BACK SHOUTOUT TO FUTURE TO A THE CREW MEMBER RON WOODWARD for SINGA CLASS PRESIDENT At the 1955 Hill Valley High School there's a poster. , advertising Ron Woodward for Senior Class President: The right man for the job. Ronald Woodward was the movie's key lighting grip. CRACKED.COM


EASTER EGGSTRA REFERENCES AND MEANINGS GEORGE 'BUCK BACK TO FUTURET FLOWER THE one AMERICAN STYLE ALL SEATE 5.00 The actor plays Red, the town's bum, but he also has a reference in the first movie where his 1973 movie, Orgy American Style, can be seen playing at the Hill Valley cinema in 1985. `CRACKED.COM


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