The Creepy Horror Storyline Hidden in 'Peppa Pig'

There’s a secret evil lurking in the recesses of the Peppa-verse
The Creepy Horror Storyline Hidden in 'Peppa Pig'

Peppa Pig: the greatest cartoon swine who doesn't suffer from a debilitating speech impediment. Kids love her gentle antics, and parents love how that love gives them 22 minutes' worth of peace, quiet, and consumption of red wine. But as harmless as the program may seem, there's a disturbingly macabre secret festering beneath the show's squeaky clean surface. 

Let's talk about Madame Gazelle, Peppa's horned teacher. In the episode "Madame Gazelle's House," Peppa and her family pay the educator a visit and discover that a nearby tree is infested with bats. Madame Gazelle remarks that the bats "remind" her of "the old country."

This seems kind of weird, even for a show that seemingly takes place in a world where animals have slaughtered all of humanity except for Santa Claus and Queen Elizabeth. Then in the Halloween episode "Pumpkin Party," Madame Gazelle tells a kid dressed as a vampire that the costume, again, reminds her of "the old country" -- at which point the narrator points out how it's "odd" that Madame Gazelle has no reflection in a nearby mirror.

Yeah, Peppa's teacher, Madame Gazelle, is a friggin' vampire. To be clear, this is not a plot-point of the episode. The moment lasts for a few seconds before the show immediately moves on, and no one ever mentions it again. Which is weird because you'd think that the child heroine of the series being secretly educated by one of Satan's minions is kind of a big deal. 

Fans have certainly noticed and compiled various other subtle clues pointing to Madame Gazelle's unholy secret. But since we occasionally see Madame Gazelle in the daylight, perhaps she is simply a half-blood vampire, like Blade. If the show ever ends, perhaps the series finale will find Peppa battling the army of Nosferatu that have infiltrated her town.

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