15 Unintentionally Hilarious Movie Moments (That Were Meant to Be Serious)

15 Unintentionally Hilarious Movie Moments (That Were Meant to Be Serious)

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Movies are an excellent catharsis to deal with complex and painful emotions that are too overwhelming to experience in real life. Isn't that hilarious? Feeling things! But seriously, laughing during inappropriate times is totally normal, especially as a way to relieve fear. We just don't think that's what these otherwise talented screenwriters, actors, and directors were going for: 

Revenge of the Sith: The 'No' Heard 'Round The Galaxy

Darth Vader

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Every plan he's had to keep his loved ones safe has blown up in his face. His best friend just sliced off most of his limbs. All the Jedi are dead. He's marked as evil. It might be his fault that his wife is dead. What else can one say but “nooooooooooooo?"

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Why Did You Say That Name?

Batman and Superman Water Cooler

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The ultimate showdown between two superheroes. The first playground debate anyone born before the MCU ever had. Who would win?! we shrieked to the Heavens. A voice whispered back: “no winner, no loser, only MARTHA!”

Inception: The Names James and Phillipa Weren't Meant For American Mouths

Almost-normally-named couple Cobb and Mal have two almost-normally-named children, James and Phillipa. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those names, but they are not exactly names that roll off the tongue when you have an American accent. Especially if said American accent is breathlessly on the run from the law. It's not supposed to be funny, and it's probably a personal problem, but it's always funny. 

Pulp Fiction: Does Quentin Tarantino Know He's Not A Tough Guy?

Pulp Fiction mural

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Either QT is brilliantly self-aware, or he's not. Cameos in his films are his wont, and we're not here to knock those cameos. But he frequently plays a guy who thinks he's a real tough guy, despite looking like a guy who works at a video store. The question is: does Quentin Tarantino know he is a man named “Quentin?” Is he in on the joke of him pretending to be a tough guy, or does he think he's a tough guy? One answer makes that Pulp Fiction scene funny on purpose, the other answer just makes it funnier. 

The 25th Hour: The Invention of Sheet

Fans of The Wire should definitely check out Spike Lee's The 25th Hour because they're crime fiction with smart writing and one distinctive, unmistakable twist on a swear word that will have you annoying your roommates, family, friends, and coworkers with impressions for at least a week. 

The American Sniper Baby

American Sniper theatre marquee

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“The movie didn't try, why should we?” - this sign

With the caveat that the stories of soldiers struggling to re-adjust to society after combat are important stories to be told, why do these movies always have to be such sanctimonious, self-serious slogs? Watching war movies, especially ones that get big-time cheerleading from political pundits and Oscar buzz folks alike, feels like taking bitter medicine that's not even guaranteed to break your fever. That's why there's Bradley Cooper's doll baby, here to totally break the illusion and remind you these are all just goofy Hollyweird types playing pretend for a living. 

The Irishman

The Irishman billboard

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Let's get the band back together. One more time, play the hits. Tell the big story, fella, the big one: Jimmy Hoffa. It'll be like a capstone for all our careers! Plus, this de-aging technology means we don't have to hire younger actors. Hey Bob, you still got any of that Raging Bull in you? 

Kirk Cameron's Post-Growing Pains Career

If it's something as serious as the end of the world and the Creator God's eternal judgment of salvation or damnation for all of humanity, shouldn't the production values at least rise above “Youth Group Easter Passion Play?” The omniscient, omnipotent God who inspired the Left Behind books and movies did not, sadly, bestow any of His infinite creativity upon many of His most devoted followers. 

Green Book Actually Included A Fried Chicken Eating Scene

We mentioned war movies being like taking medicine, “Oscar bait movies that exist to explain the U.S.' violently racist past in a way that's palatable to white people but is usually just a re-hashing of things Black people already knew” is an even bitterer cough syrup. The least self-aware movie of all time, Green Book, cemented its terminal lack of self-awareness with a scene on fried chicken etiquette

It's Really Funny That You Can't Hear Tenet

Tenet logo

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Christopher Nolan movies deal with esoteric concepts that really need to be explained. Usually, it's rad: “you can steal things from dreams," “here is what the space-time continuum might look like," or “this man is a Batman.” Tenet was an ambitious bridge too far for a lot of viewers, especially since the audio mixing makes the dialogue unintelligible and thus the plot nearly unexplainable. The fact that Nolan's only response is “it's supposed to sound like that" makes the irony even more hilarious. 

Batman Begins: I Won't Kill You*

The Tumbler

Wikimedia Commons: bayerberg

Batman's really getting away on technicality here. “I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you?” Come on, Bats. That's technically true, but for a guy who's whole identity is wrapped up in “I don't kill,” you gotta admit it's a cop out. 

The Rise Of Skywalker: Oscar Isaac Is So Tired, You Guys

Oscar Isaac

Wikimedia Commons: Gage Skidmore

“Wait who is the bad guy in the next movie?”

Somehow Palpatine returned. We don't know how. Look guys, I don't write this sh*t, I just say it. Isn't that what Harrison said? I'm supposed to be the new Harrison, right? Did Han Solo even know who Palpatine was? He just marauded around space with his dog. I mean Wookie. My dog is a robot! I mean droid. How is that an upgrade? I can't pet a robot!” - unreleased footage we have to assume exists somewhere. 

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