The 20 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Moments in TV History


There's lots of unintended hilarity in television, but we call these bloopers and usually don't see them. What you're about to see don't even qualify as mistakes -- from greenlight to final product no one brought their face out of their blow long enough to think these might've been some pretty bad ideas.

Once more we asked master image-manipulation AuntieMeme to bring us some of the worst ideas in television history.

Entry by AM Smiley

Punky Brewster's friends (and her dog) were killed off, horror movie style, and came back to haunt her in a 1985 episode called The Perils of Punky.

Entry by AM Smiley

1990'S COP ROCK COPMROCK WAS A POLICE DRAMA WITH SONG AND DANCE NUMBERS. Actual lyrics: Homicide, sarson, bbery, rapei! everyhody gets his share. Crim

Entry by AM Smiley

The 1991 series finale of the original DALLAS concluded with J.R, Ewing committing suicide. In a reverse-Capra twist, a demon [played by Joel Grey) to

Entry by AM Smiley

In 1987, the USA Network decided to create a fourth season of the cancelled show AIRWOLE, but without the budget to keep the original actors, and with

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