Popular culture is polluted by the countless GTA easter eggs that just aren't real. We don't get why since there are plenty of real ones that are more bonkers than anything players could ever come up with.

The Statue Of Hilarity


Anyone who wanders into GTA IV's version of Liberty Island might stumble upon one of the creepiest easter eggs in the history of gaming, a statue of liberty who looks a lot like the eternal presidential hopeful.

A mod about coffee


The picture above is the most SFW picture we were able to find when googling hot coffee + GTA. It turns out that the original San Andreas hid a straight-up pornographic minigame that caused the game to get pulled from stores.

A serial killer


The weirdest part here is that there's only one serial killer in the world of GTA V, yeah, but it's really cool that we get to investigate the case of Merle Abrahams aka “the infinity killer" and find some of his victims' bodies.

Spooky self driving cars


GTA San Andreas is known for many Big Foot sightings, but those are all fake. What's real, however, are cars that drive around the woods with no one at the wheel. Is this an intentional easter egg or just a coding error? Probably the latter, but we're gonna go with the former because that's way cooler.

Red Dead Redemption's epilogue


We learn two things about Jack Marston, the son of John Marston from Red Dead Redemption and its sequel: he's into revenge, and books. He gets his revenge at the at of the game, and it's cool to learn from GTAV that the guy went on to become a writer – the best thing one can become.

The hatch from Lost


The influence of Lost in big-budget tv shows can be felt in most big-budget tv series nowadays. Even Game Of Thrones, a supposedly unrelated fantasy tale ended up mimicking Lost's run that began as ultra promising only to conclude on the weirdest note imaginable. It also influenced GTA V somehow as we can find “the hatch”, one of the tv show's first and most interesting mysteries.

Players can't find bigfoot but they can become bigfoot


We have bad news for anyone scrolling down to find bigfoot. We can't find him in any GTA game – unless we find him inside ourselves. Yeah, there's an optional mission where we can see the world through the eyes of a bigfoot after consuming the right amount of psychoactive substances, just like in real life (source needed).

Mt. Chilliad


Mt. Chiliad is a mountain composed of 5% actual rock, and 95% easter eggs. Yeah, it's seemingly there just to quench the thirst of off-season easter egg hunters. We won't spoil it further.

Top Image: Rockstar

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