'Destiny' Creators Warn About 'Golgoroth' Glitch That's Terrifying Players

'Destiny' Creators Warn About 'Golgoroth' Glitch That's Terrifying Players

We know game developers can't survive without either sneaking scary stuff inside games or proudly displaying it for everyone to see. That's great but it's even better when they make something scary by accident. One of Destiny 2's current biggest threats is a boss called Golgoroth, and there's a new glitch that makes it even more of a nightmare by having it belt an absurdly loud noise that's mortifying unsuspecting players.


He sounds even nicer than you expect.

While the sound in question is precisely what we'd expect from something called Golgoroth, listening to any clip showcasing the glitch makes it clear that we're dealing with something no one in their right mind would want in a game they expect to make money from. It's that loud and uncomfortable so we advise anyone who decides to give the clip below a chance to do so with the same volume level they would use to approach a song by Limp Bizkit. (Golgoroth's lovely voice can be heard at 0:16.)

So many players took to Twitter to complain about all the heart attacks and exploding ear-related events this probably caused that the cool people at Bungie issued a warning regarding Golgoroth's Slipknot audition demo tape.

Yes, they didn't say that it is fixed. They merely warn players to lower the hell out of their in-game volume, meaning that the Golgoroth has grown too powerful to be tamed even by its very own creators.

Despite that, we'd like to make it very clear that potential players shouldn't feel deterred from trying the game and that this is a really great time to do so as Destiny and all of its expansions are free right now.

In the meantime, we can barely wait to learn what this ancient alien who invented the pyramids and monobrows will sound like.

Top Image: Bungie

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