4 Players Who Became Legends Of Wholesomeness

4 Players Who Became Legends Of Wholesomeness

The low-level Bard that out-trolled high-level trolls

The Player: Just a man who entered an unfair world and decided to fix it with music (and loopholes and killer giants).

The Legend: No, this is not a fantasy tale where someone uses the magical power of music to make monsters and men put their differences aside. This is much better: a tale where someone uses music to get monstrous men killed.

Upon entering the Sullon Zek server in Everquest, “Fansy The Famous Bard” quickly realized that the whole thing was pretty unfair. Instead of a harmonious land, he found a hellscape where all low-level players that attempted to be good quickly learned that they were no more than prey for higher-level griefers. That was awful, but what could one do outside of stealing the griefers' accounts to get them to fight one another? Well, Fansy conjured a plan that was even more contrived but also much more fun. He became aware that before reaching level 6, he was immune to higher-level players' attacks so long as he didn't directly attack them. He also learned that despite being stronger than everyone, sand giants weren't faster than Fansy – and Fansy alone. This presumably inspired our bard to anger the sand giants with his cover of the 2001 equivalent of Baby Shark and then run towards the stronger-but-slower griefers. 


He wasn't directly attacking the high-level players, so his strategy was completely legal in this lawless land.

He killed so many people that the high-level griefers who played on that server because it had no rules bothered the mods into creating some god damn rules against the kind of griefing that didn't favor the mighty. Nothing to read into this one.

The one and only pacifist in the World Of Warcraft

The Player: A man who reached the highest level on WOW without ever killing any person or creature.

The Legend: DoubleAgent is a pacifist who seemingly bought a game called World Of Warcraft by accident and instead of owning up to his mistake and getting a reimbursement he just decided to play it in a peaceful manner. He's been making headlines over the gaming world ever since he began playing because ignores all combat elements in the game and levels up just by picking up flowers.

Unlike the many who've stopped playing WoW just because, let's just say, the game is no longer what it used to be, Doubleagent still shows up to pick flowers until he reaches the highest level whenever Blizzard tries to get him to admit to his mistake by raising the level cap.

 Blizzard has since honored Doubleagent by turning him into a character in the game's lore, a distinction that's pretty dubious in hindsight, but a distinction nonetheless.

The best doctor in the world

The Player: Just a man looking out for everyone's health and safety (during the zombie apocalypse).

Bohemia Interactive Studio

Pictured: Dr. Wasteland, or maybe another equally capable doctor impersonating him. Nothing shady going on here.

The Legend: Though not a Battle Royale per se, DayZ set the stage for what would later become the “each man for himself” genre. DayZ takes place on a desolate and hostile land, but that has less to do with the zombies, and more to do with its more lively inhabitants. The game invited players to a mostly lawless wasteland and incited them to kill one another off so that they could earn the best possible gear. The concept was interesting, but it almost immediately devolved into people showing their true colors and just killing players with barely any gear just for fun. Still, there was one Doctor in this wasteland who wouldn't let the entire world go to waste, and his name was Dr. Wasteland. How apt, right? At first, many believed the many stories about him to be a total fabrication akin to the ones that an army would create to keep the morale high during the darkest times, but he was totally real. 

Dr. Wasteland is a man who spared no expense to find players in dire situations and rescue them before they died and lost all of their hard-to-get loot. His work sent such ripples down the community that he inspired many others to do the same.

The man who saved thousands from Elden Ring's toughest boss

The Player: Klein Tsuboi, a nudist who comes to aid players in need of help against the toughest boss in Elden Ring.

From Software

The Legend: Full disclaimer: yes, we've previously talked about this legend, but at that time the man we know as “Let Me Solo Her” was still just a hero in the process of becoming a video game deity.

For those unaware of his e-humanitarian work, this is a man who perfected his strategy against Malenia, the hardest boss in the game, then used it to beat her for players who couldn't do it themselves. When we first talked about it, he had done it a couple of hundred times. He's since gone past the 1000 kill mark. 

His achievement is so tremendous that even the usually reclusive and mysterious druids who conjure the Souls series games at From Software decided to honor him by giving him an actual goddamn sword.

And there's no bigger proof of one's Internet grandeur than the amount of copycats/people inspired by their work, and man, “Let Me Solo Her” sure has inspired a lot of hilarious followers. They go from full-blown copycats, modders who turned LMSH into an NPC one can summon, very misguided romantics,

a summon who wants to make love to a rotten monster who'll kill him immediately

From Software

To chaotic evil bastards:

a summon who won't help players

From Software

Top Image: From Software, xam3lpt

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